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Provision of data in SAP EHS

SAP EHS and data extraction from SDSs with SdbHub

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Markus Spiske/Pexels

SAP EHS (SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management) is a component of the SAP ERP system that supports companies in all occupational health, safety and environmental protection tasks.

SAP EHS consists of the following modules (taken from SAP EHS).

  • Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) contains all data and functions you require for the other EH&S components at one central point. For example, you can manage specifications for various EH&S objects (substances, dangerous goods classifications, agents, waste codes, and packaging) and text modules (known as phrases), and create templates for EH&S reports. It also includes tools that allow you, for example, to enter and display language-dependent EH&S data in all possible languages in the SAP system, and to exchange data between systems.
  • Product Safety (EHS-SAF) contains functions required to manage hazardous substances in companies that manufacture hazardous substances. For example, you can manage and ship EH&S reports such as material safety data sheets, create labels, have the system determine them automatically, and create the composition of the specification of the relevant substance from the BOM for a material.
  • Hazardous Substance Management (EHS-HSM) contains functions required to manage hazardous substances in companies that use hazardous substances. For example, functions are available that make it easier for you to create the reports prescribed by the U.S. Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA).
  • With Dangerous Goods Management (EHS-DGP), you can manage dangerous goods master records, run dangerous goods checks, and create dangerous goods documents.
  • With Waste Management (EHS-WA), you can manage waste disposal processes, create the reports necessary for transportation and disposal of waste, and distribute the resulting costs proportionally among the cost centers in the enterprise that generated the waste.
  • With Occupational Health (EHS-HEA), you can plan and perform health surveillance protocols in your enterprise, and create and manage occupational health questionnaires.
  • With Industrial Hygiene and Safety (EHS-IHS), you can organize industrial hygiene and safety in your enterprise and manage the hazards and agents that are present. In addition, you can process events with or without injury to persons and create reports such as standard operating procedures and accident reports.

We repeatedly get companies asking if they can use SdbHub as part of their SAP EHS implementation? The short answer is yes: SdbHub can extract data from SDSs and make it available in SAP EHS environments. This allows the data from the safety data sheet to be easily imported in SAP EHS in a structured an controlled way.

In this context, our SAP EHS integration partner will publish an article in this log around February 2023.