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Potential analysis

SDS extraction: preparation for safety data sheet automation

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Before the data can be read from a safety data sheet, various aspects and requirements should be clarified within the company. In the following, we have created a list of questions to help companies deal with the topic.

SDS extraction, how to start?

  1. What is the entire current process regarding the data collection of safety data sheets?
  2. Is the target definition regarding data automation clearly formulated?
  3. Should extracted data sets be enriched with further data (phrase catalogs, master data, etc.)?
  4. How/where are the results expected? (Excel, enterprise resource planning systems, hazardous material cadastre, occupational health and safety software, etc.)
  5. How many safety data sheets are to be processed initially?
  6. What is the update rate of the data sheets?
  7. Are there any special requirements regarding integration?
  8. What should the feedback loop between the user and SdbHub look like?
  9. Are there enhancements coming up in the foreseeable future?
  10. Are there other similar use cases within the company for which such automation solutions are already in use?

We would be happy to support interested companies in a workshop to classify the potential of automated data collection from safety data sheets.