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Reacting to staff fluctuations

Digitization of safety data sheets from the perspective of staff planning

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digitization of safety data sheets / Sicherheitsdatenblatt Digitalisierung
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There is no question that the need for digitization increases as the number of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) increases. With each additional document, the argument for digitization is further reinforced. The staff available is not only limited. Staff turnover doesn’t stop when dealing with hazardous materials. With several hundred SDSs, at some point companies have to ask themselves whether the available man-hours can’t be put to better use elsewhere.

When does SDS digitization make sense?

There are of course many factors that play a role in the decision. The essential factor is and remains the number of data sheets above which automated data capture becomes indispensable. This is due to the fact that not only the working hours for manual data entry are missing at some point. The error rate of manually recorded data also increases as a result. This forces companies to take action and work out a longer-term human resources and digitization strategy.

Our experience shows that digitization through SdbHub makes sense from at least 200 MSDSs per year to be captured or updated.

Medium-sized companies – difference to enterprise

While the large number of SDBs is the main reason for digitization in enterprise solutions, the weighting is different for SMEs. Corporations can better cushion personnel fluctuations. When it comes to processing small numbers of SDSs, other reasons play a much greater role in midmarket digitization projects:

  • The company aims to be independent of staff fluctuations and absences, which are usually more common among data collectors.
  • The safety specialist has added other areas of work to the focus. The SDS digitization is therefore primarily aimed at reducing the workload in terms of time.
  • Hazardous materials management, for example, can no longer be managed manually alone by adding another new location. The company therefore aligns itself digitally and implements quickly implementable projects in the area of occupational health and safety and hazardous substance management.

We support companies in classifying the potential of SDS digitization for themselves and, if necessary, in establishing appropriate processes for this.