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Benefits for employees

4 reasons to digitize safety data sheets for employees

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If you’re a company that deals with chemicals, you’re familiar with the safety data sheets that go along with them. More and more companies are moving to transform the PDF documents into digestible digitized information.

The question here is what benefits does safety data sheet digitization hold from an employee’s perspective?


Safety is and will remain the first priority when digitizing safety data sheets. It must be ensured that safety-related information is retained even after automated processing. Automation opens up possibilities that cannot exist with manual processing. Especially when it comes to an initial reading of thousands of data sheets. Only an automated process can help here. This ensures fast processing and receipt of the relevant safety information.

Low access barrier for employees

In many respects, SdbHub represents a massive relief for the company’s own employees in dealing with safety data sheets. No training is required as nothing changes in the processes, SdbHub is simply interposed. PDF documents are then converted into a machine-readable standardized format such as JSON, XML or CSV (Excel). This eliminates the need for filing in dusty binders. Access to the information is instantaneous and can be incorporated into in-house hazmat databases at any time with little effort.

Stronger employee commitment

One of the biggest challenges of this era is employee recruitment and commitment. The situation will become even more precarious as baby boomers retire. It is projected that there will be a shortage of seven million workers by 2035. (IAB, 2022) The battle for talent is omnipresent, even in times of crisis. Automation and digitization are therefore not a question of whether. Digital helpers add value to the workplace and become more necessary every year. On the other hand, companies are more and more subject to the compulsion to use the precious working hours sensibly and efficiently.

Lower error rates

It is essential to keep error rates as low as possible during processing. Manual data entry in particular increases this tremendously. The cause lies in the nature of things. Employees find themselves in the daily stress between door-to-door and closing time, and then have to quickly process a bundle of safety data sheets. Who wouldn’t produce errors here?
SdbHub takes this work off your hands. Employees and management can thus focus on the essentials.