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Reduce error rates

Digitize safety data sheets, but do it right!

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karina zhukovskaya/Pexels

Isn’t it annoying to enter safety data sheets manually? Apart from the fact that I know extremely few people who enjoy doing this work (there may be some).

Safety data sheets (SDSs) fulfill an incredibly important role in a company. This includes not only a legal component, but of course a safety component as well. To make matters more difficult, safety data sheets are not exactly easy reading for the human eye due to the various different versions. The human eye has to pick out the information that is important for the company.

All this is not only tedious, but also error-prone. Mistakes happen. More than one would like. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t make them?

SdbHub reads safety data sheets. Better than humans. It doesn’t matter if it’s enterprise resource planning systems, EHS software or Excel, SdbHub can be seamlessly and easily integrated into your processes. It has already enabled our customers to achieve what many still tackle manually: By making the access barrier to the information most important to you disappear through digitization. A nice side effect: agility and drastic reduction of error rates.