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4 Reasons to Digitize Safety Data Sheets for the Executive Team

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digitization of safety data sheets
nateemee / envato

Standardized format for safety data sheets

One of the biggest problems in dealing with safety data sheets is the lack of structured standardization. The various stakeholders will not make standardization possible in the foreseeable future. Why should manufacturers do anything about it either? That is not their job. The economy thrives on the division of labor. The diversity of safety data sheets will therefore remain with us for the foreseeable future. However, it poses major obstacles, not least for manual processing. Digitization offers a remedy. Regardless of the format in which data sheets arrive, SdbHub provides the information in the right format for them. This allows you to build and maintain your hazardous substances register.

Legal Compliance(REACH / OSHA)

Details are important. Especially when legal requirements in the European (e.g REACH), US (e.g OSHA) or global economic area have to be met. Non-compliance can result in severe penalties that can significantly disrupt business operations. In order to cope with these constantly changing regulations and requirements, information must be processed quickly and securely and must be quickly accessible in the event of controls.

Cloud connectivity

Especially when our customers have different production facilities, each with different storage and production sites, the digitalization of safety data sheets alone is no longer sufficient. Communication between different regions and countries is required. When data is available in digital form, the step to the cloud is no longer a big one. Safety data sheet information no longer disappears into locally stored silos; the cloud enables smooth communication between different sites.

Management visualization and business intelligence (BI)

Good decisions require a sound information base. In the best case, business realities can be mapped promptly in BI tools with just a few clicks. The advantage is obvious. Communication between management and employees is significantly improved. With just a few clicks, employees can upload reports with data that is valuable to management. It is easy to transfer the information of his digitized safety data sheets via the SdbHub interface function (API) into the own management tools.