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The importance of digital corporate culture

Safety data sheets and the digital business culture

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digital business culture

It has been a few years since the web reacted with amusement to Angela Merkel’s quote from “Neuland”. The tenor: politics had lost touch with digital citizens, who seem to be decades ahead of the lagging politicians. The reality, however, is that technology timidity is not just a political phenomenon, but also a widespread one.


One of the biggest hurdles introducing new software solutions in a company: The already existing software zoo consisting of many isolated applications. Understandably, this causes a great deal of resistance among the workforce. Training and onboarding represent a massive intervention in the operational process. With each software update a new training could be necessary. None of this exists with SdbHub, for example. Once customized to the company, it works the digital safety data sheets to the employees. Solutions need to be deployed with this foresight.

Culture of digitization

When you take a look at some companies from the inside, you see over and over again that there is a lot wrong with digitization. Of course, we all agree that digital assistants must support the business goals and not work against them. However, I notice repeatedly that companies decide against even the best digital product, even if it solves their problem perfectly. It’s partly because employees are technology-shy for a variety of reasons. Management, on the other hand, is unfortunately not assertive or assertive enough to establish an appropriate culture. In software development, these circumstances should not be erased, but acknowledged. SdbHub hits the sweet spot here. It puts a very easy-to-understand and high-demand software tool in the hands of employees. Management can use easy-to-implement helper tools like SdbHub to build their digitization strategy. The small-scale change builds a strong long-term foundation with further digital connectivity opportunities.


In an ever more globalizing world, the constantly changing flood of information will not decrease, but increase. Progressive bureaucratization is doing the rest. Companies that oversleep digitization will be left behind. Digitization creates equal opportunities. Not making a decision means making yourself a pawn in external circumstances.