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Legal conformity: Initial SDS quality check

How to use SdbHub for Safety Data Sheet Compliance Checks?

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sdbhub compliance check

Safety data sheets are an important communication tool for communicating chemical hazards posed by a product. These documents must be provided along the supply chain in accordance with REACH, CLP, GHS, etc. Each of the involved actors in the automotive supply chain should ensure that obvious errors in the SDS are corrected before they are passed on.

Companies must be able to protect their employees (in accordance with legal requirements). To do this, they need to take into account the chemical ingredient and classification information available in the SDSs they receive.

As part of SdbHub, we enable companies to perform an initial quality check. As part of this initial quality check, we address the following questions:

  • Is the safety data sheet in the expected language?
  • Does the document have the title “Safety Data Sheet”?
  • Which regulations are indicated in the header?
  • Is there a revision or creation date on the first page?
  • Are all pages numbered, including appendices?
  • Are all 16 sections and subsections present?
  • Are any sections or subsections blank?

Based on this information, the company can check the MSDS base quality, pass if necessary, and discard if in doubt.

In the future, we plan to extend this initial check to include plausibility checks and additional review for health hazards. This will be a semi-automatic process in which the subject matter expert will contribute his knowledge.